“tabkids® is a journey towards transformation. Indeed an innovative method which has given a new dimension to teaching and learning process. “tabkids® is bringing something new everyday and formed a base for further deconstruction of new realm of progressive education. The practice is not only incorporated with holistic approach but instilling the passion of exploring and learning”.

Tina Olyai, Director Principal Little Angels High School

“tabkids® is one of the most effective education enhancements for our Kindergarten wing. The solution brings all children on the same platform regardless of their background, in terms of understanding key concepts via the power of visual interactive learning. tabkids® also ensures that the limited time my teachers have with children is spent most effectively and also helps us to reduce the use of paper worksheets. tabkids® will be a differentiating factor for parents when they choose a school for their little ones. We are proud to be the first Institution in India to have incorporated tabkids® in our curriculum...."

Archana Narain, Principal The Indian Heights School

“If we are to prepare our kids for life and work in 21st century then proactive measures are mandatory. Activities in tabkids® fit nicely into our curriculum and cater to the overall cognitive development of children. This solution provides my teachers with maximum flexibility by giving them an increased number of permutations and combinations of modules (introduction, assessment, remedial action and recapitulation) to choose from. tabkids® is "interactive learning" in its absolute sense, as there is individual focus through differential teaching learning pedagogy for every child."

Mukta Misra, Director Principal Kaushalya World School

“tabkids® is a positive ICT enhancement to our teaching-learning process. It focusses on visual learning and assessment which strengthens the grasping & retaining power of children. tabkids® a wonderful innovation to introduce children to technology."

Kushal Singh, Chairperson Kaushalya World School

Parents Reviews

Mrs. Sharma, Parent of Viaan

"It is a good mode of tracking performance of the child and keeps us updated of the pace of the child in various tasks."

Mr. Kaushik, Parent of Rohit

"An excellent mode of learning. He is very curious & enjoying Tab sessions. Thanks a lot for the good work."

Mrs. Verma, Parent of Sarthak

"My child talks about the tablet, he seems to be highly enthusiastic about it, we are happy being part of it."

Mr. Gupta, Parent of Anishka

"tabkids® class is definitely effective and adding new dimensions to learning. My kid is very excited."